Viper Dragons to Adelaide

• All concentration from the Viper Dragons during the SUBS in Schools sea trial (they won).

Following their successful campaign in the WA finals the North Lake Viper Dragons have been invited to take part in the national finals of SUBS in Schools to be held from 9-11 December at St Peter’s College in Adelaide.

Diana, Kenny, Jason and Hitesh will be accompanied by Belinda and Mike. It’s the second trip for Mike who went to Adelaide in 2018 as a judge.

It will be a great adventure for the mighty Dragons and a wonderful learning experience.

SUBS in Schools is a project of the REA Foundation and is enabled in WA through the support of the School Pathways Program.

• The gate at St Peter’s (the school in Adelaide, not the Pearly Gate).

North Lake is a lead school in the Marine Industry School Pathways Program supporting student STEM pathways to Defence Industries.