The road safety message

On Thursday 18 September IEC students went to the auditorium to listen and learn about road safety from a speaker from the RAC. She talked about the main factors in road safety which are distractions, speed, seatbelts, drinking alcohol and fatigue. Here are reports written by Manely, Amina and Nicole (pictured) after the talk – the message is clear.

Be wise on the road

by Nicole

One of the main factors in road safety is distraction. Distraction is an object or thing that directs one’s attention away from something else. We watched a video clip about a girl who died because she was texting while driving and she was not wearing a seatbelt.

Another main factor in road safety is speed. Speed beyond the limit can lessen your reaction if an accident happens.

Seatbelts are also one of the main factors in road safety. Wearing a seatbelt can lessen the injuries if an accident happens. We watched a video clip about the two mannequins, one of them was wearing a seatbelt and the other one was not wearing a seatbelt. The one who was wearing a seatbelt had the least damage and the other one, who was not wearing the seatbelt, was thrown out of the car.

Drinking alcohol is also a major factor in road safety. Drinking alcohol while you are driving is a stupid thing to do. It is like you are blind while you are driving.

The last thing I would like to write about is fatigue. Fatigue is the state of being very tired. We watched a video clip about a man who was driving. He felt really tired and suddenly he crashed into a car in another lane.

I have learned that obeying the road rules is for the safety for you and people around you. Be wise about what you are doing.


Obey the road safety rules

by Amina & Manely 

The main factor in road safety is distractions which include music, mobile phones and eating. If you do any of them, you may have a crash. For example, if you talk on the phone or text someone your attention will be on using the phone and not on driving and you may have an accident.

Seatbelts are very effective for road safety. If you don’t wear a seatbelt and you have a crash it could cause death. If you have a crash and seatbelts are worn it could save your life as seatbelts will not let you move around the car. Also speed can cause an accident so you must always drive to the speed limit.

Fatigue is a big factor in road safety. Never drive when you are tired or feel sleepy because you won’t have full concentration on driving. Alcohol and drugs have the same effect. Never drive when you are drunk or don’t travel with a driver who is drunk. If you are drunk take a taxi or go with your friends.

We also watched some videos which were about how to drive safely and the main things we learnt from the videos are never drive when you are tired or drunk, limit your speed, remove distractions when driving and always wear your seatbelt.

If we obey these rules we will have a better chance of avoiding accidents.