You’re welcome in the library

Students are welcome in the library on Monday to Thursday from 8am to 4pm and on Friday from 8am to 1pm.

In the library you will find many resources including fiction books (including graphic novels, teenage fiction, easy reading books and much more), non-fiction books, newspapers and magazines. There are also games and audio visual material including DVDs.

The library regularly hosts art and photographic exhibitions.


• You need your student card to borrow up to six books and/or magazines for two weeks.

Library Manners

• No food or drinks in the library.

• Be respectful and considerate of everyone in the library.

During class time

All students using the library in class time between 9am and 4pm must have a library permission slip from their teacher or sign-in when having a free period.

Library Areas

The library is a bright and inviting learning space.

Each area in the library has a different function.

The Class centre is used for classes and students can come during breaks to study together and use the computers.

The IEC world accommodates reading classes from 8.30am till 8.50am every day and is frequently used by the IEC classes and their teachers.

In the clouds area has colourful booths and seatings where you can read, play board games and meet.

The Study space is a silent zone and strictly used for private study.

Press area is the place to watch the news or read the daily newspapers and magazines.

Wellness lounge has a nice collection of non-fiction books and magazines about wellbeing.

Makerspace is the area where students can create and collaborate by using Zometool.

You can relax your brain by colouring or sharpen it by word search puzzles.