Around the grounds with Johnny

Channel 10 News visited Morris Buzzacott Reserve in Kardinya recently as part of their new Around The Grounds segment in sport. Tim Gossage presented sport live as Fremantle CBC Football Club prepared for training.

The stars of the story were the North Lake past and present students who play footy for Fremantle  CBC – Johnny, Michael, Ali, Patrick, Feral and Yoe. Worried about the amount of travelling some of the new players needed to do to get to training and games the club raised money to buy a car to be managed by the North Lake boys.

The story featured interviews with our coach Liam, who will be playing with Fremantle CBC this season and the club president Brad along with footage of the boys training, But the real star was Johnny.

“It was great, I’ve never been on TV before,” Johnny told NLSC News, “I was a little bit nervous but I was ok. Mr Brad told me, ‘You’re gonna be live on TV.’ A lot of people have said they saw me on TV and Mr Andre is always teasing me about it.”

The next big step is for Johnny to get his drivers licence.

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