A passion for education

•  Eden receives the Australian Super VET Award from North Lake Senior Campus associate principal John Watters at the 2017 valedictory presentation.

Eden Skinner, North Lake’s top VET student in 2017, obviously didn’t take an ATAR pathway in Year 11 and 12 but she has gained a place at university – she is going to ECU Mt Lawley campus to study Education via a portfolio entry.

Eden chose a variety of Year 11 and 12 courses and impressed all her teachers with her hardworking, focussed and organised approach.

“Last year, Eden did a Cert III in Business where she demonstrated her motivation and fine tuned her already great organisational skills,” Business teacher Claire Meiklejohn told NLSC News, “She could work well independently, often sending me emails to clarify issues, asking questions when she needed or collaborating with other class members.”

Eden also completed a Cert III in Education Support with Chris Menner over year 11 and 12 where her passion for education was enhanced. Rather than taking on a business aligned position as part of her Workplace Learning course in 2016 Eden organised a placement at Rostrata Primary School.

“The deputy principal at Rostrata was impressed by Eden’s ability to organise this placement without teacher intervention which we encourage in our ADWPL program as part of our adult ethos,” Claire said.

Eden’s creative and artistic work in Photography with Mike was another highlight of her time at North Lake.

“I think North Lake worked for me as I’m very motivated in my studies and I think being in an environment where teachers treated me like an adult and listened to me made school more enjoyable,” Eden told NLSC News. “The teachers at North Lake are amazing and I recommend the school to everyone just as long as they are also have a great work ethic.”