Lessons on the high sea

Two North Lake students did something a bit different during the recent school holidays. They took to the open seas on the tall ship STS Leeuwin ll.

Nebi and David (left in the photo) were alerted to the Leeuwin opportunity by our multi cultural/community support officer Karen Hogg from Fremantle Multicultural Centre. Nebi (then in Year 12) and David (Year 11) both gained scholarships.

The voyage took them from Fremantle to Bunbury and return with the young sailors actively involved in sailing the ship as part of the crew. “It taught us leadership skills, team work, communication and a lot more,” David told NLSC News.

The evenings were particularly interesting on the week-long trip. The sailors would sleep for four hours and then go on watch for four hours. “The view at night was quite amazing,” David said, “It was like a different world, somehow more real and natural.”

On the last day the crew handed over the ship to 40-plus young sailors. “They told us it was our boat,” David said, “It was a nice challenge, though the real crew kept watch on us and told us if we needed to change something. I think we learned about our own strengths when we were looking after the boat but also about compromising and letting the leaders make their decisions.”

David said the trip had taught him a lot. “The whole experience was a challenge. I think the main thing I got out of it was the importance of perseverance – that if I start something I need to keep going and pushing on.”

There will be opportunities for more North Lake students to participate in Leeuwin programs in 2018… we’ll keep you informed.

For more information go here… https://sailleeuwin.com/news-stories/leeuwin-builds-future-connections/