Taban again


Taban Imani made a big impression during her time at North Lake. She was the campus dux in 2014, won four subject awards and, perhaps most impressively, managed to study and pass Mathematics Specialist even though the campus didn’t run the course.

Taban is now back and you’ll see her around the campus as she does a bit of work as a relief Education Assistant in the IEC.

As a Bahai, Taban’s first choice after completing secondary school was to do a year of community service. She went to the town of Northam about 100km east of Perth. “We ran classes for kids looking at developing virtues and values – things like patience and love.” Taban told NLSC News, “We wanted to do something different to school.”

The period of community service was also a learning experience for Taban. “It was a lot of hard work and some things we tried didn’t go as planned,” she said, “So I learned how to get kids interested in things and how to deal with kids. I also did a lot of reflecting.”

From Northam Taban headed to Murdoch University to begin studying towards a Veterinary Science degree. “I really enjoyed that,” she said, “but I was studying as an international student and the fees became too much. Hopefully I’ll have Permanent Residency by March next year and I’ll be able to go back to university.”

At her next stint at uni Taban is considering a slight change of direction and studying in the agricultural field, perhaps even in Holland where she grew up.

For now Taban is no longer a student but a part-time worker and that has brought her back to North Lake as an Education Assistant.