Learning to fly


One of the most exciting things about about Australian Rules football is when players leap high into the air to take a mark.

In a recent training session for the IEC footy players Liam from the WAFC brought along a jumping bag to teach the techniques that can turn ordinary people into high flyers.

It was a lot of fun and many speckies* were taken. Thanks to May for the photos of the student flyers.

North Lake’s game with Cyril Jackson is coming soon… we’ll keep you posted.

*When a player takes a high mark commentators often cry, “What a spectacular mark!” Over time footy fans shortened this so now you’ll often hear a good high mark referred to as a ‘specky’.

Next time you’re in Fremantle check out the statue outside Fremantle Oval – it shows WA’s most famous specky taken by South Fremantle player John Gerovich at Subiaco Oval in 1956.