A literature challenge

During term three Year 11 students were invited to deconstruct a picture book with Natalya Hawrylak from the Fremantle Literature Centre. The book was Ned Kelly and the Green Sash written by Fremantle author and artist Mark Greenwood with illustrations by Frane Lessac.

At the end of the workshop, Natalya issued the students with a challenge which was: “Now that you’ve read Ned Kelly and the Green Sash, which fills in some of the back story to Ned Kelly’s life, design a sash that captures your view of Ned Kelly as hero – or other.”

Two of the students, Halima and Saber Gul, took up the challenge. Halima drew a design of a green sash with the word “hero” and Saber Gul made a green sash. She embroidered the word “Hero” onto the green silk that she used to sew a sash similar to the one worn by Ned Kelly in real life. (The original sash can be seen in a museum in Melbourne.) 

Robin presented these two creations to Natalya at the FLC. At the same time, Natalya had arranged for Mark Greenwood and Frane Lessac to be in attendance.

For their efforts, the students were each given a copy of Ned Kelly and the Green Sash.

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