Anyone and everyone for breakfast

Breakfast historians are unsure of the exact origins of the North Lake Senior Campus Breakfast Club. Most agree it was started “about 100 years ago” by Dr Uncle Joe Sumich PhD BBQ Cert lV Sausage Studies Dip Egg (also know as Barbecue Joe) and his creative sidekick Dr OT Lee PhD Fairy Bread.

Barbecue Joe was around before colour photography.

“What about BBQ sauce, fairy bread, sausage and Nutella?” OT in experimental mode.

What is certain is the continued popularity of the Breakfast Club held every Wednesday from 8.15am led by Deb with volunteers including Jenni, Ravi, Morne, Asha and various others who help set things up.

This year the Breakfast Club has received generous sponsorship from the Rotary Club of Melville, Manna/Food Bank and, thanks to ECU South West Social Work prac student Michelle, The Willetton Butcher. These partnerships have led to greater variety in the offerings while OT’s legacy lives on in the creativity of some club members.

• Toni. Always creative.

Membership of the Breakfast Club is free and there are no forms to fill in. Just turn up – you’ll get your Wednesday off to a great start.