Fasten your seatbelt by Mary & Nhu IEC 3D

On 30 August, one of the staff from RAC gave a talk regarding road safety and driving in WA at North Lake Senior Campus auditorium.

The speaker talked about the main factors in road safety, which are speed limits, type of licenses, seatbelts, mobile phones and legal alcohol limits. In addition, the speaker showed some video clips related to safety driving and some activities such as how alcohol affects people while driving.

At the end of the talk, the speaker gave some advice in driving in WA roads. For instance, drivers need to make sure that all the passengers in the car are wearing seatbelts, drivers should not use phones and should not drink alcohol if they plan to drive. Moreover, the talk enables the students to know more information through the flyers that were given at the end of the talk.

In conclusion, the IEC students of North Lake Senior Campus learned a lot from the talk given by the staff from RAC.

Photo: The writing team – Mary & Nhu.