Hands-on in trades

“…The interest, enthusiasm and work ethic displayed by the group as a whole was wonderful! I can truly say that it was one of the most enjoyable groups/programs that I have had the pleasure to deliver in some time!”  Neville Eastabrook (Lecturer – Painting & Decorating) Thornlie Campus TAFE. 

Neville’s feedback summarised the success of this semester’s Try-A-Trade experience at South Metro TAFE Thornlie campus. Nine students from North Lake IEC Transition classes 3.2 and 3.3 learned skills in both bricklaying and painting. Leaving home as early as 6am, students had to arrive on time by 8.30am and work until 3.30pm, for three days in the final week of term three. Students learned to use a variety of tools, followed safety regulations, were encouraged to maintain clean and well-organised work environments, experienced real work conditions and explored related courses available at TAFE. It was a great hands-on experience for students.

Some comments made by students:

I liked painting because it was colourful and I enjoyed it.” (Zahra 3.3)

I enjoyed trying something new. They taught us how to put cement on the bricks and build a wall over an arch.” (Musaab 3.2)

First, a professional bricklayer showed me how to lay bricks. I built half a wall on the first day and finished it the next day.” (Dawod 3.3)

I really enjoyed both of them because it was my first time doing it. In bricklaying, I found out that it is very hard for skinny arms!” (Rush 3.2)

Most students used steel-capped work boots supplied by the school and wore old clothes… but suggested that next time round, gloves for bricklaying and overalls for painting be made available for those who might want to wear them.