Investigating gravity


For the last four weeks, Belinda’s Year 11 Integrated Science class has been investigating the effects of gravity and air resistance on items that fall. 

They found that balloons and parachutes were good at reducing the downwards acceleration due to gravity. Grace who is planning to go into animal science when she graduates from North Lake brought in one of her soft toys. 

Grace investigated the effect of the soft toy on reducing the impact force of a trolley rolling down a ramp. She concluded that the soft toy would reduce the impact force enough that an egg, in the middle of the soft toy, would survive the impact of a fall from the second floor science window. 


On the day of the experiment, she performed delicate surgery, cut a hole in the side of the soft toy, inserted the egg and taped up the opening. Then the soft toy with the egg inside was gently dropped out of the window. When the soft toy was brought up to the classroom, Grace opened up the hole and got the egg out – unbroken! 

The soft toy was taken home and Grace’s mother stitched up the cut and the toy was as good as new.