Not a party PARTY

A group of very lucky Year 11/12 students travelled to Royal Perth Hospital to attend the PARTY program earlier this year.  This is the Prevent Alcohol and Risk-related Trauma in Youth Program which has been running at RPH since 2006. The aim of the program is to educate students to make better choices in their private lives and reduce risk-taking behaviour.

We met with a paramedic who showed us pre-hospital care of the trauma patient then we followed the path of an imaginary trauma patient through admission to hospital by a doctor and nurses in the Emergency Department. A drug and alcohol nurse spoke to us about the effects of both and how to stay safe.

We had visits from past RPH patients who had experienced brain and spinal injuries.  They spoke of their survival experiences and about life after their accidents.

We met with a patient on the ward who had a motor bike accident in January.  He shared his injury story and how the accident has changed his life.

Some physiotherapists then showed us some of the mobility challenges these patients face after experiencing major trauma.

Thanks to Kath, Lillian and Mick at RPH for keeping us on track up and down those stairwells.