The chance to succeed

Deanne with Kidsafe CEO Scott Phillips after winning the 2019 Kidsafe WA Consumer Protection Award

Deanne Quartermaine came to North Lake Senior Campus as a Year 11 in 2009 after, as she puts it, “… many previous failed attempts at schools”. She recently got in touch to update us on the challenging and unique journey she has been on.

Many of the teachers that taught me at North Lake, if they are still present, may remember the start of this journey. 

I fell pregnant at the beginning of year 12 in 2010. If it wasn’t for the tremendous support of the staff within the school, I do not believe I would be where I sit today. The odds of teen parents becoming successful, is not truly noted, yet we know it is challenging and faces its hurdles.

Deanne on campus.

I wanted to especially thank my English teacher Sylvia, my IT teacher Craig, and my media teacher, Katherine. There were many many more teachers too though. I gave birth to my daughter in the September of 2010 and she joined me on the occasional school day in class so that I was able to graduate with my classmates in November 2010. 

Deanne at the Harmony Day concert 2010 with her friend Tegan.

In December 2022 that same baby who graduated year 12 with me, graduated from primary school. 

I have also just graduated from university with a Bachelor of Social Work. I own my own not for profit that has been slowly making changes across the country for child furniture safety legislative changes and awareness. 

It was North Lake that truly set me in the right direction and gave me that chance to succeed. Thank you for that opportunity.

Note: Deanne’s not for profit group Bolt it Back for Reef campaigns for law changes that would allow tenants to anchor furniture without requiring landlord approval, provided any damage is repaired. It won the Kidsafe WA Consumer Protection Award in 2019. She is now working as a case worker for family preservation and restoration in Tasmania.

With family at uni graduation.