Towards a sustainable future

There was an extra vibrancy around the campus in week three during North Lake’s Sustainability Week.

Students and staff came away with newly potted plants, cuttings, fashionable pre-loved additions to their wardrobes and an increased sense of the possibilities of a more sustainable future.

Students were heavily involved at every level from promotion to working at stalls and planting under the leadership of the sustainability committee.

“I really enjoyed the week because it taught us how to plant things. Planting is very important because we need trees and plants to breathe.” (Esther)

“I really enjoyed the planting. In my country they are cutting down too many trees. I think it is important to protect the environment. I love Australian plants and I was able to plant a kangaroo paw – the one I like the most.” (Paw)

The winners of the quiz and sustainability improvement suggestions for North Lake were:

Year 12: Hellen Mouawad (top scorer), Thomas Darwin, Camille Realini, Fareeha Khan, Alkira Gamble

Year 11: Kane Brotherwood, Tayla Simms.

Congratulations to the winners and all who entered.