Try something new day

The idea was for IEC students to immerse themselves in a range of practical and socially challenging activities, generating rich opportunities, work with different teachers/instructors and report back on their shared experiences.

It was meant to be engaging, challenging, educative and rewarding to staff and students alike. It turned out to be a lot of fun.

Activities included: art with Nadia; knitting, board games, card games and computer with Christine, Esther and Terri; sports with Sean and Peta; Metalwork with Mike; cartoon animation with Liliana; drum circle, traditional dancing and disco with Judy and video/computer with Carolyn and Liz.

The day also included a didgeridoo breath workshop with our visiting presenter Sanshi and ended with more musical magic and dancing before lunch with the Year 11s.

It was so busy our photographer couldn’t get to everything but we hope we’ve provided a nice snapshot.