Welcome to North Lake

At the 2021 Year 12 Valedictory ceremony last year’s student council (Michael Bayot, Tina Miller, Lilli Mezzofanti and Yassin Matundilo) handed over responsibilities to Athen Ayres, Marissa Sanankone, Eleanor Fehlberg and Suhaila Rezai who were then the Year 11 representatives. They are pictured with Year Coordinator Armanda Di Toro. Nominations for student council for Year 11s will open in term two.

Student council is just one of many ways you can get involved, volunteer and show leadership during your time at North Lake. We all have different aspirations and different ways of conducting and expressing ourselves – however it is worth reflecting upon what North Lake Senior Campus stands for…

Our values

Our values are critical reference points in all we do as a learning organisation. Our governance and decision making, our teaching and learning and, more importantly, our relationships, are guided by these four values.

• Respect

• Care

• Empowerment 

• Flexibility

Our student focused approach to learning and care allows us to provide a safe and flexible place of learning committed to helping students reach their full potential. We respect the right of all members of the campus to meaningfully engage in their work. We respect diversity and inclusivity. We care for ourselves, for others and for our environment. We work diligently to empower ourselves to be life-long, resilient and flexible learners.

Adult ethos

Our adult learning environment means that students at North Lake have responsibilities. When we say, “adult ethos” here are our students’ responsibilities:

Contribute to a positive learning environment           

Listen appropriately

Respond promptly to instruction

Behave appropriately and show respect to others

Connect with others respectfully and effectively                               

Show willingness to learn from others

Collaborate with peers and teachers

Be considerate and inclusive

Demonstrate self-motivation (take ownership of your learning)

Show consistent on-task behaviour

Be independent and proactive learners

Seek and act on feedback (reflect on your learning)

Respond to challenge

Review assessments to set learning goals

Seek guidance and support when needed

Strive for their best in all tasks (demonstrate consistent effort)

Be organised

Show care and pride in work and assigned tasks.