Wishes come true

Year 11 student Jess rides horses.

Earlier this year she spent time in the Major Trauma Unit at Royal Perth Hospital with neck and shoulder injuries after a riding accident. There was an extended time out of the saddle but not away from horses and when she spoke to NLSC News a return to riding was within reach. “I’m so excited to get back,” she said.

Jess takes part in dressage events and rides for and trains with Gemma Leef Equestrian. “I’ve learned a lot from my coaches and love to train young horses and learn from them too,” she said.

In dressage rider and horse work out a collection of movements – something like a dance routine –and in competitions they are graded on their moves. Riders progress through the grades as they develop more moves and gain better scores.

Jess has her eyes set on the national dressage titles to be held in Queensland next year with her new horse Wish whose competition name is Wishes Come True. Beyond school she’s looking at a career in veterinary reproduction so she can be involved in breeding horses.

With her busy schedule and health issues Jess appreciates the flexibility she’s experienced at North Lake. “I love it,” she said, “The teachers are very supportive and treat you nicely. And they show you there are different ways of doing things.”