A foodie frenzy

The international food court starring the Year 11 Food Science students was a big hit in the last week of term three. Featuring cuisine from Australia, the UK, Thailand, Afghanistan, the USA, China, Turkey, Italy and Japan the event required the students to cook, prepare, market and present their food and to engage with the public. 

The public, in the form of North Lake students and staff, more than embraced the event… in fact it turned into a foodie frenzy.

We talked to some of those involved…

Sylvia (teacher): “I was so pleased that the students really got into the spirit of the event. They worked independently, reliably and also with self-motivation and innovation.”

Diana (spring rolls from China): “They all sold very quickly. People were asking if I had any more and I had to say, ‘Sorry they’re already gone!’ It was very exciting. Everyone liked my springs rolls.”

Michael (pide, Turkey): “It was a fantastic, wonderful day and the first time I have ever sold food. I enjoyed it when people bought from me. I sold them all and everyone liked my food.”

Shane (mini cheese burgers, USA): “They sold out in no more than ten minutes. I really loved the day.”

Grace & Grace (Bunnings sausage sizzle, Australia): “They sold very quickly. Everyone loves a Bunnings stand.”

Laura (chicken soup, China): “The whole thing went really well. It was nice when people came back to say they’d enjoyed the soup.”

Tayla (sushi, Japan): “I learnt how to make sushi from my mum. I was very busy and sold out quickly. It was a good experience.”