Biodiversity revegetation planting – Sustainability Week

The Whadjuk Noongar land on which North Lake Senior Campus now stands was once part of a huge Tuart forest. Some remnants still remain. The loss of trees resulted in the loss of undergrowth and the loss of habitat for native animals.

We have received some plants from the City of Melville and, as a Sustainability Week project, we are going to use them to begin to re-vegetate an area with local Australian plants.

Planting will take place where the old pine trees used to be between the English block and auditorium. We will have about 100 plants.

The aim is to create a bio-diverse region of vegetation to attract Australian birds, pollinating insects and small creatures such as lizards as well as providing a pleasant area for staff and students to appreciate and enjoy.

The aim is to do most of the planting during Sustainability Week.

Involvement is open to everyone within the school, so just let Tracey know the times you are available and a plant will be available for you to plant.