NLSC Sustainability Week

• Clothing exchange

Week three is Sustainability Week at North Lake. Lots of things will be happening so keep your eyes and ears open.

Highlights will include…

Library displays

• Sustainable housing

• Being sustainable

• The importance of diversity

Pre-loved clothing stall

• On stage in the gym at recess Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

Pot a plant

• Outside the canteen on Tuesday at recess. Pot a plant and keep it!

Plant cutting giveaway

• During Wednesday lunch time IEC 2.2 will be giving away plant cuttings outside the canteen.


• Great prizes

Canteen display

• What you can do to help the planet

Revegetation planting

• Volunteers needed – contact Tracey in Science.

More on revegetation planting

• Revegetation planting

Get involved and you are guaranteed to emerge from Sustainability Week as a better person.