Continuing to grow

As guest speaker at the 2018 IEC achievement ceremony, Ailin provided a perfect example for IEC  students of what can be achieved. She came to Australia from Cuba in 2009 and spent time in the IEC before moving on to Year 11 and 12.

“I think North Lake helped in shaping me into what I wanted to do in life,” she explained. “Everything had a purpose. The first battle was to learn English then in Year 11 and 12 you start thinking abut finding something you are passionate about. It’s hard but if you have a goal you should just do it.”

In 2010 Ailin was awarded a Rotary Club of Booragoon endeavour scholarship. “In Cuba I was a good student and I came here with the same ideals. The scholarship was good recognition and a reassurance that you can do well and can achieve things.”

Ailin sees herself as a people person and after Year 12 began a nursing degree at ECU. “With nursing I just gave it a go – I never really thought I’d be a nurse but it just clicked and now I love it. I was lucky, but you should know that you’re allowed to make mistakes along the way.”

She is now a nurse manager with St John of God. The extra responsibility was just what she needed. “I like doing different things every day and need new challenges. I think my next career move will be something that provides me with more autonomy in my nursing.”

Ailin continues to be driven by a need to learn new things… just as she did as a student at North Lake. “People who like achievement just continue to grow,” she said, “they don’t like to get stuck.”