Achieving and celebrating

The 2018 IEC achievement ceremony had a bit of everything. Sean called Havana, sung by Laura and Krizzelle backed by Dean and an ensemble including guitar, percussion and back-up vocals as the best musical presentation he’d seen at an IEC assembly – and few could argue. And there was much more.

Laura’s big sister Ailin told her story of moving from Cuba to the IEC, Year 11 and 12 at North Lake and ECU on to a challenging and satisfying nursing career. Sarah and Zhen were excellent MCs while Fizullah and Hellen reminded us all of the incredible things IEC staff and students did over the past year.

There was also musical presentations from Joseph and IEC 3c – their song One Day brought tears to many eyes.

Congratulations to the prize winners Fizullah, Laura, Ellie, Hellen, Nam, Mikhaela and Shamsia who won subject awards and to Masooma who was awarded the 2019 citizenship prize. After the ceremony students, staff and guests were treated to afternoon tea in the library courtesy of our brilliant Hospitality department.

The prize winners.

Most the IEC students recognised at the ceremony will move into Year 11 in 2019, we look forward to their continuing success.