Do what you love

Guest speakers David, Helen, Tamara & Pa Mu.


As part of the IEC transition program at the end of first semester students in Judy and Radha’s classes gained some post-school and career advice from a panel of speakers.

Providing the information were North Lake Year 12s from 2018 Helen, who is studying nursing at TAFE, and David, who is completing a university bridging course, along with North Lake’s ethnic education officer Pa Mu and Tamara from Birra-Li Childcare Centre.

Tamara said the key to working in childcare is to have a passion for working with children – add good time management, flexibility, patience, good communication and you’ll be right for the job.

Helen, who is interested in aged care, believes having a caring and friendly nature were important in nursing and she also stressed the importance of good communication.

Pa Mu believes the first thing students should aim for was to finish Year 12 as that will will set you up for work or study. Pa Mu has many qualifications and would eventually like to become a registered nurse. For now, however, she enjoys her work at North Lake: “I love to see students improve and get a good education and good jobs,” she said, “I enjoy working with students, that’s why I’m here.”

David’s bridging course is full-time. At uni that means three days a week therefore allowing plenty of time for working at a paid job. He said the most important thing was to put in the work. He also had three pieces of advice…

1. Focus on what you want to contribute to society rather than money.

2. Follow your heart and passion.

3. Do what you love.

The IEC students asked good questions of the guests and went away well informed.