Getting ready to go under


Some very strategic work is going on in Belinda’s Portfolio class as North Lake’s team in the 2019 SUBS in Schools STEM Challenge prepare their entry.

Teams in the challenge must build a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and test it underwater. But there’s more to it than that as the team’s Gantt chart (top) reveals – there are other things to consider like coming up with a team name (North Lake Dragons), a logo, uniforms, budgeting and sponsorship, marketing and, in the case of the Dragons, even music and art. At the Challenge teams are required to set up a display and make an oral presentation about their entry.

Team members are gaining help from across the campus as they build parts using CAD (computer aided drawing) and the 3D printer and come up with electronic solutions that will work on the day.

The Gantt chart is an important tool for project management as it gives a clear picture of the stages and schedule of the project.


The SUBS in Schools STEM Challenge will be held at North Lake in November. Last year North Lake won the all-important Best in Sea category of the competition.