Falling in love with the ocean

As part of the course requirements for completing Certificate II in Active Volunteering, students are required to complete 20 hours of volunteering outside of the school environment. This allows them to learn to be a part of a team, gain experience in working for an organisation and allowing them to build personal values and attitudes, as well as gaining self-esteem and confidence in the wider community.

During term three, most of the class completed their hours at the Fremantle Sailing Club. During this time, the students learnt rope splicing and knots to create ropes to attach from boats to the jetty. They painted pylons on the jetty and learnt about diving and how the divers fix and clean the buoys. 

The volunteer bosuns worked with the students and showed them how to clean and fix many different things around the sailing club. This included polishing the silver rails on board FSC’s boat Success.

As a result of completing a fantastic job, they were rewarded with a boat ride and the Harbour Master Jason, supervised each student steering the boat. This was a lot of fun and very exciting for all the students.

The students were fortunate enough to board the vessel Sylfia, which is owned by a not-for-profit marine educational organisation, called Expedition Drenched. They sail the world videoing life under the ocean and show their experiences on YouTube. Their goal is to ‘simply have viewers fall in love with the ocean through their personal journey.’ Captain Nate discussed his life as a Master Scuba Diver Trainer, and how it led to him becoming a Professional Underwater Videographer. The students gained a wonderful insight into this career and were thankful for this experience. The students gained so much knowledge and skills being a part of this volunteering program. They thoroughly enjoyed the experiences they had and the memories that were created from completing these hours. 


Below are some comments the students made:

Amazing experience Hassan

Learning the rope splicing and knots was the hardest part for me, but I didn’t give up because they helped me to do it and I did. Kanyanat

It was a fun time; everyone was very kind. They took care of us, just like we were part of their family. Sydney

They helped us to step out of our comfort zone, but they were very friendly and approachable and helped us understand what we needed to do. Kyle

I looked forward every fortnight to when we were going. I learnt a lot of new skills and now have the opportunity to use these in my daily life. Hasti

The volunteers were so nice and kind. I enjoyed the painting because I’ve never done that before. Genet

It was an amazing opportunity to meet new and kind people. Rohulla

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