Speaking out on issues important to young migrants

• Listening back. Shashi and Suhaila

Year 12 General EALD students Shashi, Suhaila, Kyla and Farzeen chose a podcast as the mode of presentation for a recent class task.

The students decided to explore the youth migrant experience and negotiated a format for a group podcast, organising their own scripts and responsibilities across opening the podcast and an effective closing/wrap-up. They also needed to make sure they each had a sustained period of speaking to their topic to meet task requirements.

They worked with Dean in the music studio to ensure good sound quality  and away from class with each other over social media, as they had to confer on many parts of the task.

As a bonus Suhaila was able to meet the requirements of both her English task and that of a module in her Music Industry Certificate* (broadcasting).

“It was fun,” Shashi said, “we were well prepared to do the presentation and we also came up with ideas as we spoke.”

*CUA20620 Certificate II in Music 

CUA30920 Certificate III in Music

Certificate courses offered by North Lake Senior Campus in partnership with Mount Pleasant College RTO Code 52297