Going to market to learn

The campus was buzzing on Wednesday 6 September during the Sustainability Marketplace. There was the usual buying and selling (without money changing hands), games, gardening and floristry skills on display, hi-tech recycling, food and even a fashion display.

The Sustainability Committee’s goal during the Marketplace event was to promote sustainable practices that all individuals can incorporate into their everyday lives.

Therefore, the event is designed to promote developing an awareness of various manageable sustainable strategies, for example, reusing, recycling, reducing landfill by donating goods, clothing and household items, avoiding single use plastics and being mindful of reducing our carbon footprint.  

The Marketplace event is a springboard for further education and trialling sustainable practices into everyday life for the North Lake community, staff and students alike.

Not all sustainable practices are difficult or serious; you can simply add more greenery to your environment, choose to avoid fast fashion, aim to grow your own produce or enjoy a zero waste meal.

An overarching theme within this year’s event was food sustainability with the inclusion of guest speakers from SERCUL about ‘Bush Tucker’ and Chris the Beekeeper on the importance of pollination for food production. It was clear that staff and students enjoyed trying the Wattle seed & macadamia biscuits, home-cooked soup and plant based burgers!

Small actions of many can create a movement for change, as Ryunoske Satoro suggests, “Individually we are one drop, together we are the ocean.”