Wanting to serve

Luca at the North Lake Senior Campus ANZAC Service.

Year 12 student Luca Muir Anderson will move straight from school into Military training, first in Victoria and then back in Perth as he pursues a career in the Australian Army.

It’s a career path that would not surprise those close to Luca but it has been carefully considered. 

An early reader, Luca was very young when he developed a love for history and maps. “That eventually became a military interest when I was 13 or so, reading up World War 1 and World War 2.” He told NLSC News. 

The interest grew when, at the age of 15, he discovered Trove, the National Library of Australia’s online culture and research portal. “I could really deep-dive into stuff I love like badges and medals. And I discovered my family had a quite a lineage in the military and it was nice to research that.”

A move into the Army Cadets followed. “I’ve made some great mates, been on camps and completed various courses,” he said, “It’s even helped with school as I’ve gained three C-grades.”

Luca and other cadets take part in regular ceremonial events as they hone their skills and disciplines. “I represented WA at Drill in Canberra. We placed third and gained a  bronze commendation,” He also took up a prominent post at the recent Vietnam Veterans Day event at Government House and was awarded for his efforts.

Luca will be as part of the Armoured Corp, driving and commanding armoured vehicles, during his Army Reserve training

“I want my service in the army to be relatively brief in the scheme of my life. Maybe 10 years. I’m a creative person and I want to create stuff. I don’t know exactly what that is right now – businesses, hobbies, charities. My goal since I’ve been very young is to become a politician because I care a lot about my country and want to serve it even after military service.”

Luca was home-schooled for much of his early schooling and says North Lake’s laid back atmosphere suited him. “It’s a unique place,” he said.

The many hours spent on Trove led to Luca creating a website celebrating WA colonial military history.

Have you discovered the wonders of Trove?