Pushing boundaries

Nikita Thomson is North Lake success story who made and took opportunities. She was a student representative on the North Lake Senior Campus school board, a performer, organiser and helper at campus functions and at the 2019 Year 12 valedictory she was announced as the winner of the Caltex Allrounder Award, starred in the musical performances and presented the student thank you address.

By the end of Year 10 Nikita found she needed a new start to get her schooling back on track. She’d become reluctant in class, afraid to ask questions and was falling behind. A friend suggested North Lake and Nikita booked an enrolment interview and came in for a chat. Here’s her story…

The interview went really well, one of the first things I was told was, “Don’t worry about anyone else, this is about you.” North Lake was incredible for me as it was flexible but supportive. It made me step out of my comfort zone. The orientation started me off when I realised I had a close friend starting at the same time as me and then I made more friends.

After the first week I got pushed more out of my comfort zone by actually asking questions and being treated like an adult by the likes of Armanda and Belinda and getting constructive answers. All of my teachers’ support helped me gain confidence and I started noticing awesome results.

Dean was excellent at even further pushing those boundaries and getting me to step out of the box entirely, getting me to perform was awesome. I had so many new experiences at North Lake but I knew that I could approach any of the staff and ask for help or advice. They were happy to stay back if you were struggling and I loved that. I felt the support and I had the results.

The adult ethos was incredible as well. It was easy to make friends and honestly I feel I will have my North Lake family with me for many years to come. My experience on the school council was excellent. Everyone was super supportive and listened to any input that I would have being student rep. It was nice being able to hear what was happening and how things were being/going to be improved.

I would have to say one of my main highlights of North Lake was practically living in the auditorium – being a little safe space. I also had the opportunity to try so many new things like helping with the election day sausage sizzle, helping Liz with her satay stand at Harmony Day and performing on the same harmony day. I was part of the team that painted the mural outside of the art room with Nadia and amazing artist Dan and at the valedictory I performed and was given the opportunity to say the speech on behalf of the Year 12s.

Now I’m between working and starting university. I’m studying the Education Prep course at ECU Mt Lawley with future plans to become a primary school art specialist teacher (I thank Nadia for bringing back my love of art).

I would strongly recommend North Lake to anyone who is looking for somewhere that is good at giving you support and a second chance for those coming back to school. It is the best environment a student could be in.