Taking on ESports

North Lake has entered four teams in a League of Legends competition featuring schools from as far away as Tom Price in the north and New Zealand far far away to the south-east.

The High School eLeague (HSE) is hosted by the Adelaide Crows AFL club…you can learn more at the headquarters of the LoL HSeLeague


While the teams do some of their training and strategic work in class on Mondays in P3 during portfolio the games are played off-site and out of campus hours. The games are on Thursdays starting at 5pm and the competition goes for 11 weeks. North Lake’s teams are

Oppa, Domino, DCB and G-Force.

There are two factors that make eSports different to the standard gaming that most young (and many older) people enjoy at home and with friends – eSports feature multiple players and they are competitive. The competitive aspect  brings in spectators – competitions in the USA draw crowds in the 10s of thousands while the huge Melbourne Tennis Centre will be the venue for the Melbourne eSports Open in September.


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