Two New Mechanics

Motor mechanics repair, maintain and test vehicles. That’s what they’ve always done but the way they do it has changed greatly in the last 20 years with cars becoming far more computerised. And it is about to undergo another huge change. The British government announced recently that it would ban all new petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2040. By then electric cars will rule our roads.

Industrial Studies students Kafi and Joey are about to enter this changing world. They’ve been offered mechanical apprenticeships; Kafi at John Hughes Perth and Joey at Rockingham Hyundai. Kafi, who came to Australia from Somalia five years ago and learnt English in the IEC, told North Lake News he enjoys working with his hands, “I really like automotive and John Hughes is an absolutely great place to work,” he said, “there are good people there.”

When Joey came to Australia from The Philippines he couldn’t speak English and also spent time in the IEC. He’s very happy at Rockingham Hyundai, “It’s a clean and peaceful place, I’ve learned a lot from them. “I love cars and how they work. I’m always curious about learning how to do mechanical work and now technology is always growing.”

Kafi and Joey will both complete Year 12 before taking up their apprenticeships.