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Currently the campus is not accepting enrolments for semester one. Please make contact with the campus between 31 May – 10 June when we will review our next intake.

To make an enrolment enquiry or book an interview with our enrolment officer, simply click on the link below and fill out the form. We’ll get in contact with you to answer your questions or organise a suitable time to meet.

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Apply to Enrol

If you think North Lake is the place for you and you’re ready to enrol, congratulations - exciting times ahead! Please fill out our online Application for Enrolment form and Student Health Care Summary form via the links below.

Application for Enrolment Form   Student Health Care Summary Form

Supporting Information

Occupation Groups for Parent/Guardian

Please ensure you complete both forms. 

Once you have completed both forms, please email them to our enrolment officer who will consider your application and get in touch with you to further discuss your application. 

Please ensure you keep a copy of both forms for your reference. You will be asked to bring a copy of the forms with you to the enrolment interview.


Book a Campus Tour

Campus tours are a great way to get a feel for the learning environment that is North Lake. Simply fill in the form below and we’ll get in touch with you to organise a suitable time. Alternatively, we will take you on a tour if you book in for an interview.

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We pride ourselves on being a campus that is accessible, inclusive and fair. This includes our fee structure which offers amazing value for money, We’ll go through our fee structure with you once we get a clear idea of what learning pathway best suits your needs.

welcoming 51 countries - and counting...

International Student Enrolment

North Lake Senior Campus is a senior secondary school approved by Education and Training International (ETI) to enrol international students.

We not only welcome students from all corners of the world (51 countries to date!), but also provide them with a safe and nurturing learning environment in order for them to succeed in their studies and academic endeavours. We have a long and proud tradition of successfully supporting our international students to reach their goals. Our Enrolment Officer can help you with your enquiry.

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Like to hire a campus facility for your event?   Send an enquiry here and tell us what you have in mind.