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Great Band at Harmony Day

Great Band at Harmony Day

Our intrepid scientists are at it again. Click on the image to see what else goes on at NLSC.

See how the WAFC has impacted six students from diverse backgrounds, and provided them with an amazing football journey. more…

One thing is for certain. North Lake is different. There are no bells and you’re treated as an adult. Mature aged students are very welcome and you don’t need to live nearby – our students come to us from all over the state.

What North Lake students say…

“Being at North Lake has been a great pleasure. I’ve totally changed since I got here. It’s not just the study, I’ve learned respect and seeing everyone as equal. I really like mixing with people from lots of different cultures – you learn different and better ways of doing things and you learn bits of their languages too. It was a good decision to come to North Lake and a very good decision to do Industrial Studies.” (Abraham, top Industrial Studies student 2015, heavy duty mechanical apprentice)

“When I arrived in Australia from China my English wasn’t good I couldn’t find a school, I was sad because the opportunity to study means everything to me. After a long time of searching I found North Lake Senior Campus. Because North Lake gave me an opportunity I worked hard to prove I was a good student. I had nice teachers who helped me and I want to thank all the teachers here.” (Louie dux 2013, ATAR of 99.3, Bachelor of Science at UWA with majors in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics)

“I think relationships are a pretty key thing at school and at North Lake you get to really know the teachers. I was really appreciative of how much my writing skills improved. I had a purpose and was working towards something and I was able to do that without distractions and without a strong peer group thing going on.” (Niluka, co-dux 2013, Linguistics UWA)


DJ's working hard at Harmony Day

The music gurus

The music gurus

Are you thinking about where you’d like to do Year 11 or 12?

To arrange a campus tour or talk to us about what we can do together in the future? Ph: 9314 0444

We have courses that will help you get into university or training or to gain an apprenticeship or a job.

Fast Track, located in central Fremantle, will help if you’re not quite ready for Year 11 while the Intensive English Centre caters for newly arrived migrants and refugees who need to learn to speak and write English.

Fast Track Art Work - Fremantle

Fast Track Art Work - Fremantle