Sera’s Story

Sera’s educational journey is unique and her insights into North Lake Senior Campus are inspiring.

She is currently studying ATAR Year 11, and other than a brief stint at a primary school, Sarah was home-schooled between 2011 to 2019. During her equivalent Year 10 in 2020, she studied at Murdoch South Metropolitan TAFE, completing her Cert III in General Education and Cert III in Laboratory skills.

Why North Lake Senior Campus?

When Sarah was asked why she chose North Lake this was her response.

‘’I had the option of completing my Diploma in Laboratory Operations in 2021, however I’m still uncertain as to what my career aspirations are for the future. I wanted to keep my options open and felt completing my Diploma, although would have fast-tracked me into University or employment, would have restricted my options. Instead, I’m studying ATAR so I can be flexible with future academic and career pathways and can change my mind freely if necessary.

My sister studied at a senior campus as her pathway into university which inspired me to attend North Lake. The environment of this school is incredibly supportive. Everyone who attends is here to learn and is enthusiastic about learning. Because of that, there is a mutual respect between teachers and students, making the teachers here very cooperative and compassionate.

The flexibility North Lake offers allows me to continue work and other commitments, as well as still have time to study. It runs more like university rather than a mainstream school, which is just what I need.’’

ATAR Pathway and Aspirations

Sarah has kept her options open as indicated below when questioned about this topic.

“Currently I am taking 4 ATAR subjects: Chemistry, Human Biology, Mathematics Applications and English. Every one of my teachers are masters at their subject. My classes small enough that we feel well connected to each and creates a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. Currently I’m looking into career pathways such as the marine industry in the Navy or potentially Psychology, but I still wish to explore more possibilities. “


‘’North Lake Senior Campus has provided a greats sense of community for myself which fits well with my beliefs and values.’’

Sarah is active in the community having links to Rotary, Animal Rescue and been involved with a number of charities. She is part of the SWAAT, Scouts Western Australian Abseil Team, which allows her to help with the abseiling adventures for other scouts and contributes towards her Cert II in Outdoor recreation.



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