Yes you can

IEC students had a visit from the doctor in week 10. It was Dr YES (Youth Education Sessions) a program where medical students from UWA deliver important health education information to high school students.

The focus of the North Lake session was on mental health.

NLSC News spoke to some students about the experience.

I learned how you can get better when you are feeling low. It was a good thing. (Sky)

It was good to learn about mental health. The most important thing is to talk to someone, to talk to a friend. (Nasrin)

It was very useful. I think the most important thing I learned was not to take a lot from one department but to get a balance of eating, sleeping, working, playing. (Abdul Rhman)

I found out some good information about health. I learned that you can tell a doctor anything and they will help you. (Nazanin)